ILT1400 and ILT1700 Applications Information

Detailed Applications Information Excerpted from Instrument Owners Manuals

Portable Radiometer / Photometer

Benchtop Radiometer / Photometer

There is detailed applications information for the ILT1400 Portable Radiometer & ILT1700 Reseach Radiometer Systems in the Instrument Owners Manuals.

We thought that this detailed applications information might also be useful to those potential ILT1400/ILT1700 Customers trying to decide which radiometer to purchase, so we've made it available in Web page format on the following two ILT Web Pages:

ILT1400 Portable Radiometer Owners Manual Detailed Applications Information

ILT1700 Research Radiometer Owners Manual Detailed Applications Information

Also available on the ILT Web site:

ILT1400 & ILT1700 Systems Information by Major Application


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