ILT74CE Bilirubin/Jaundice Light Meter

Bili-Light Meter

ILT74CE Bilirubin/Jaundice Light Meter

Part Number: ILT74CE Bili Light Meter


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  • NIST – traceable certification
  • Removable protective boot (not shown)
  • Switchable readout in µW/cm2 or µW/cm2/nm optical units
  • Built-in Auto shutoff and hold features
  • 4½ - digit readout
  • Spectral response 425 – 475 nm
  • 9 volt battery operated
  • 3 foot detector cable
  • Made in the USA



The ILT74CE Hyperbilirubinemia Blue Light Meter / RadiometerILT74_spectralResponse was specifically designed to easily measure the exposure level of standard hyperbilirubinemia therapy systems directly in the patient plane.


Verification of prescribed phototherapeutic treatment levels has become increasingly important as the number and variety of hyperbilirubinemia therapy systems has expanded. The variables of lamp aging and patient distance from the lamp head can cause significant uncertainty in the resulting exposure.


The ILT74CE Bilirubin ("Bili") Light Meter / Radiometer directly measures the exposure level in the patient plane and was designed for routine use in clinical settings. The included sensor is filtered to accept the 425-475 nm blue light action spectrum and the ILT74CE instrument is capable of switching between reading out in µW/cm2 or µW/cm2/nm at the push of a button.


The ILT74CE Bilirubin ("Bili") Light Meter / Radiometer measurement range is 1 - 1999.9 µW/cm2 and 1 - 199.99 µW/cm2/nm. The instrument shuts off automatically after 2 minutes to preserve the life of the 9-volt battery. The 4½ - digit instrument is enclosed in a removable cushioning boot (not shown) that protects the unit from accidental falls and acts as an instrument stand or hanger.