Are You Getting The Correct Dose On Your PPE To Fight COVID-19 & other infectious diseases?

PPE to Fight COVID-19

In an effort to fight against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, International Light Technologies is offering calibrated ISO17025 accredited and NIST traceable UV-C light measurement systems.

These systems are designed for the purpose of measuring:

  • Low pressure mercury lamps
  • Low pressure amalgam lamps
  • Medium pressure mercury lamps
  • Excimer lamps
  • Light emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • Xenon lamps, pulsed UV LEDs, and other pulsing light sources

Verifying the intensity of the light reaching the PPE is a critical step in validating that the correct UV dose is being applied to ensure proper decontamination.


Shop Our Configured UV-C Measurement Systems

ILT2400-UVGI-NB Germicidal/Disinfection Light Measurement System



ILT2500-UVGI-X Flash Measurement System



ILT770-NB Germicidal/Disinfection Light Measurement System



ILT950UV-RAA4 is complete spectrometer system



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