Integrating Spheres

ILT manufactures a family of Integrating Spheres designed to meet the vast majority of your light measurement needs. Integrating Sphere diameters include 10", 5" and 2".

"10" Integrating Sphere"


  • Spectral range: 225 to 1400 nm
  • Internally baffled to eliminate direct detector exposure and first-bounce measurements
  • Wide variety of port sizes and configurations
  • For use with ILT950 Spectroradiometer and ILT5000, ILT1700, ILT2400 Radiometers/Photometers
  • Typical applications: LED intensity/beam flux, laser power, beam candela, mean spherical candlepower
  • Made in USA


ILT has been manufacturing integrating spheres for over 50 years. Our Integrating Spheres product line offers a versatile selection capable of measuring watts, lumens, candela, lux, joules, W/cm2 etc. ILT integrating sphere-based systems support measurements from a wide variety of light sources including: lasers, fiber optic light guides, endoscopes, small sources such as miniature halogen lamps, LEDs, neon lamps and larger sources such as LED modules, flashlights, automotive lamps and more.



Reflectance Chart

ILT integrating spheres can be combined with our ILT2400 Hand-held, ILT5000 and ILT1700 Research Radiometers, as well as with our ILT950 Spectrometer for spectral characterization including CRI, CCT, chromaticity, and total flux in watts, and power.

The interior surface of ILT's Integrating Spheres is coated with #6080 White Reflectance Coating which produces a stable, efficient and highly diffuse reflectance over a broad wavelength range of 250-2500 nm (see graph).






ILT Integrating Spheres

INS250-N 10 Inch Integrating Sphere


 Includes calibrated light source, power supply, detector adapter and A250 lamp adapter
 1. Two 20 mm diameter ports
 2. One 40 mm diameter port and 3 port adapters

 INS250N-50 10 INCH INTEGRATING SPHERE - Same as INS250-N with 40 mm port modified to a   50 mm open input port (no port adapter)



INS125 5 Inch Integrating Sphere



Designed as a powerful accessory to the ILT950, ILT2400, ILT5000 and ILT1700 light measurement   tools. Allows total flux measurements of LED's, small lamps, low power lasers, fiberoptic guides and   collimated beams of light. The removable port adapter also allows calibration and readout in absolute   irradiance with excellent cosine correction. Unit is configured with 2, 20 mm diameter ports and one   40 mm diameter port for maximum versatility. System includes, wrench, 5 inch sphere, 1 detector port   adapter and 3 removable port covers. Port covers are painted with the same reflectance material as   the sphere to assure maximum performance and also can be used as a reflectance standard.   (Calibration sold separately)


INS50 2 Inch Integrating Sphere


  PORTS: 2
  1. SMA905
  2. 7 mm diameter input port
  Can be mounted on most SED(SEL) detectors/filter assemblies with the use of the P10 or P11 and  appropriate adapters.

  Note: Detector & Stand Not Included with Sphere.


Integrating Sphere Accessories


A100 Transfer Lamp and 5VDC Power Supply can be used to accurately adjust calibration or readings for almost any application.

A250 Lamp Mount/Adapter painted with the same reflectance surface as all integrating spheres.

A125 Port Adapters - 1 included with INS125, additional units sold separately

A254 50 mm Port Adapter fits over 50 mm ports to allow better zero as well as test of light loss caused by the structure of the item under test.

P10 Patchcord Adapter - SMA905 Male to SSTL ferrule with 11 mm OD with 1000 um Fiber. Connects ILT sensors to ILT integrating spheres and other Female SMA905 optics. P10 Photo

P11/P12 Patchcord Adapter - SMA905 Male to Male adapter with 1000 um Fiber. Connects ILT spectrometers and detector to ILT Integrating spheres and other Female SMA905 optics  Available in three lengths, P11-2 (2 inches), P11-4 (4 inches), P12 (12 inches) long.   P11 Photo

P6SMAW Fiber Optic Adapter required for attachment of SMA905 fibers to the detector measurement port.

A204 Small Tripod with 1/4 20 thread for use with INS50, INS125, ILT950 optice and SED(SEL) detectors.