ILT1000 Datalogging Light Meter

Compact, datalogging optometer for UV, VIS and IR

ILT1000 Datalogging Light Meter

Part Number: ILT1000


UV, VIS and IR Datalogging Optometer

  • Measurements as fast as 20 usec (with profile)
  • Broad measurement range (8 decades of optical analysis)
  • “Set It & Forget It” Remote Data Logging with On-Board Data Storage
  • Multi-System Continuous Monitoring (up to 32 systems with one hub)
  • UV, VIS and NIR measurements from 200- 1850 nm
  • Complimentary Datalight III software for PC and MAC
  • 4-20 mA Output for PLC control
  • Includes DataLight III comprehensive software package for both Mac and PC
  • Made in USA
  • OEM and custom configurations available.  Contact us for details.


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ILT with detectors, accessories and filters

The most versatile UV, VIS and IR datalogging optometer available on the market today. The ILT1000 design is backed by over 50 years of light measurement experience and comes complete with NIST-traceable ISO 17025 accredited calibrations.  System configurations are based on the industry standard ILT1700 Research Radiometer/Photometer detectors, filter/optics and calibrations.


The ILT1000 was designed with OEM and custom configurations in mind and can easily accommodate most solid state detectors, bypass filters and a vast selection of input optics. Integrating one or more ILT1000's into your system is easy - contact ILT to discuss your application details.


The ILT1000 is capable of measuring 8 decades of light intensity (e.g., nW/cm2, w/cm2) and providing direct readout in W, W/cm², Lux, Fc, Lumens, cd/m², cd, W/sr, W/sr/cm² and more.  On board data storage allows continuous monitoring at customer specified sampling rates using the “set it and forget it” datalogging.


The ILT1000 takes advantage of readily available, cost effective, wireless devices and provides ISO17025 & NIST-traceable UV, VIS & IR light measurements. Wireless configurations provide users with the necessary flexibility and portability required for measurements in locations where cables are impractical. The ILT1000 uses a standards-based USB interface for power and communication and works with most wireless networks.



  • Camera/phone flash photometry
  • Beacon/exit sign/aerospace effective candela measurements
  • Audience scanning/laser light show eye safety exposure
  • Process monitoring 
  • Ribbon clarity/glass production and liquid turbidity
  • Transmission measurements
  • Pharmaceutical/cosmetic
  • Semiconductor
  • Plant photobiology
  • Lithography
  • UV Curing
  • Optical Density: 0.00 to 4.00 Optical Density
  • Optical Density Repeatability: (single) ± 1%, (multiple) ± 2.5%
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 85 °C (calibrated irradiance 0-50 °C)
  • Datalogging Memory:  Can store 16,380 total light level readings or 8,190 light level with real time stamp
    (At one reading per minute, this equates to 11.3 days (real time stamp off) or 5.6 days of logging with time stamp on)
  • USB: USB2, Including Power, for Single and Multiple Systems
  • USB Current Draw: 200 mA Max, 130 mA Typical
  • Interface:  Simple, Well Documented API for Custom Programming
  • Size: 76.2 x 76.2 x 25.4 mm (3" x 3" x 1")
  • Weight: 173 g (less than 0.5 lbs)

Comes with ILT's DataLight III Software included

DataLight is all about supplying fast, reliable light measurement data to you computer for analysis. Our extensive light measurement software package is available for Windows PC, Tablet and MAC computers.


DataLight III includes our "set it and forget it" remote internal data storage app., an improved All-in-One meters app for control and transmission of data using a mini USB cable or wireless data transmission, as well as a full API and command line interface for user programming and customization.


Refer to the Documents and Downloads Tab for software files, technical guides and application notes.

DataLight 3 App and Chart