ILT950-UVV-RAA4 Spectrometer for Testing Germicidal/Disinfecting Light Sources


ILT950-UVV-RAA4 Spectrometer for testing Germicidal/Disinfecting Light Sources

Part Number: ILT950-UVV-RAA4

Complete Anti-Microbial / UVC Disinfection Spectrometer System

System Benefits

ILT950-RAA4 graph
  • Measures UV spectrum 250 - 400 nm
  • Provides intensity for each wavelength
  • Irradiance values can be used to calculate Dose J/cm (W/cm2 * sec)
  • NIST-Traceable, ISO17025 Accredited Calibration
  • Low profile, right angle input optic 
  • Sofware included at no cost (SpectrILight III)

Complete System Includes 

  • ILT950 Spectrometer
  • RAA4 right angle cosine adapter with 0.27" diameter aperture
  • ISO17025 Accredited NIST traceable calibration from 250-400 nm with certificate
  • Tripod
  • Rugged carrying case




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RAA4 Detector

About the ILT950-UVV-RAA4

The ILT950-UVV-RAA4 is complete spectrometer system especially configured and calibrated for measuring UVC light sources found in UV-based anti-microbial and disinfection systems.  Unlike standard radiometers and UV meters, the ILT950 spectrometer will provide data on the spectrum of light being emitted from the source - so you know how much light at each wavelength is coming from the source.  This is a critical step for those validating equipment used to for germicidal disinfection. 

The ILT950UV sepctrometer will measure light from the entire UV-C spectrum, where most pathogens, including the coronavirus, are inactivated.  Over time as light sources age, the amount of light in a specific wavelength may decline.  Understanding how your UV disinfection system is performing allows you to make the necessary adjustments and ensure health and well being of your patients and medical staff. 


Calibrated Spectrometer System

The ILT950-UVV-RAA4 comes configured with ILT's the low profile (only .61” dia by .44” tall) RAA4 Right-Angle Adapter, a 1 meter long fiber optic light guide, tripod, carrying case and calibration. The RAA4 has an internal miniature integration sphere to improve the cosine response and increase UV through put into the fiber. The adapter has with a 0.27-inch diameter aperture allowing measurements of single LEDs as well as LED arrays and light sources. The RAA4 permits measurement of light sources 90º to the fiber normal allowing for insertion in to hard to reach places with greatly reduced risk of fiber damage.  Sold with weighted screw-on handle for more stable detector placement when needed.  


Additional input optics are available for the ILT950.  Please contact us for information on additional configurations.


SpectrILight III Software

SpectrILight™ III is a LabView™ based software package for Windows that allows you to acquire spectral and color data. Analysis of the data is now calculated instantly within the same program - no exporting required!


SpectrILight™ III is LabView™ based software and can be easily customized for specific OEM applications. For API applications, Multiple DLL’s are available. Please contact us for more information.

Irradiance Scan
















Note: Software will not work with Windows "Home" editions.



  • ILT950UV: 250-400 nm
    Resolution: >1 nm with 25 micron slit**

Radiometric Accuracy:

  • 200nm - 350nm: ±20%**
  • >350nm - 400 nm: ±10%**
NIST-Traceable/ISO17025 Accredited Calibration** Data Transfer Speed: 2ms/scan
Detector: CMOS Linear Image Sensor 16 bits, 2 MHz
Focal Length: 75 mm Trigger Compatible
Blaze Synchronization Capability
Dynamic Range: 3300 Temperature Range: 15 - 40°C
Symmetrical Czerny-Turner Size: 1-3/5” H x 5” W x 7” L
Stray light: <0.3% Dynamic Dark Correction: Yes
Signal/Noise: 300:1 Non-Linearity Calibration: Yes
Integration Time: 30 µs - 59s  Wavelength Accuracy: ±.5 nm
** (Note: Dual range calibration with D2 and QTH light source is strongly recommended for broadband measurements encompassing UV below 350 nm due to low output of the QTH lamp which increases the difficulty of accurate UV calibration. The ILT950 can be calibrated with QTH light source only if UVB/C accuracy is not consequential.)