Summit 1x2 LED Sign Module

LED 1x2 Sign Module


  • 2 - 5050 SMD LED’s per module.
  • 2 modules per ft, 25ft per strip.
  • 3M VHB double faced tape.
  • Mechanical fasteners for a secure installation included.
  • Low power draw, 60 ft of modules on a 12 volt 60 watt power supply.
  • Lumen output for White-80 lm per foot.
  • Controlled color consistency, 6500K color temperature.
  • Constant Current Technology on the board.
  • NEMA 6-6p or IP67 Rated.
  • UL Recognized in US and Canada.


  • Internally Illuminated Sign Cabinets
  • Channel letters: face and halo
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Channel Letter and Sign Cabinet Retrofit
PART # Description Operating
Current (mA) Wattage LED's / Module Color Peak Wavelength (nm) Beam
Module Dimensions (LxWxH) Luminous Flux (lm/ft) Qty 60 watt class 2 power supply
Cold White SMD LED Module 12V 80mA 0.48W 2 White (6500) 140° 2"×0.6"×0.314" 80  120 modules
Red SMD LED Module 12V 80mA 0.48W 2 Red (623) 140° 2"×0.6"×0.314" 36  120 modules
Special Order on Summit Series-Amber, Yellow, Green and Blue. 4-6 week lead time.      

Mechanical Drawing

Summit 1x2 specifications

Circuit Diagram

Summit LED module circuit diagram